Pack of 15 $49.00

pinklily hangtastic, with 10 features to Hang your skirts, pants, jackets even complete outfits, all while saving half the space.

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clear shoe box

$5.00 each

Store your shoes! No lids to open .Each one stacks on top of each other. Keep your shoes dust free and protected.

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tidy my shelf


Set of 2 acrylic dividers - they slide onto your shelf and keep everything beautifully neat and tidy.

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makeup caddy


This fits everything you need. Makeup caddy with 6 different sections - so durable - you can carry it around

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organza slip


To slip over your gorgeous dresses, jackets anything light coloured to keep protected and immaculately clean.

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hold my bangles


An acrylic 4 tier bangle stand with little ridges so your bangles do not fall off the ends.

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