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After years of overhauling womens wardrobes - I had to come up with ONE hanger which will do absolutely everything ...and here it is - the HANGTASTIC®.

It is the most versatile hanger you will ever see / buy / have the simple solution is - that you will not have to buy any other type of hanger EVER again - this will not only save you half the space in your wardrobe - it has 10 different features.
  • no slip shoulders
  • 360 degree roating head - perfect for the laundry & car
  • cami hooks for little tops
  • pant rail for pants
  • skirt clips for skirts
  • a special shaped neck so you do not have to unzip your clothes to put them back on the hanger
  • rail for belts and scarves
  • connectors to hang your items vertically - (saving you 1/2 the space in your wardrobe )
  • the hanger is very thin and extremely strong
!!! Buy a pack today and see the amazing difference the pinklily hangtastic® can make!

I promise you that once you get one pack you will be so amazed that you will change every coathanger in your wardrobe over to the hangtastic®